Upon arrival we receive them with our sanitary filter:


Temperature measurement, luggage disinfection and we reserve the right of admission to sick people or people with flu symptoms or coughs.

During your stay, due to a new health instruction, it is not advisable to enter your room, since it is sanitized, if you wish to clean, please let us know before your arrival.

Art. I

This Internal Regulation obliges both the HOTEL LAS BRISAS CHACALA with address at Av. Chacallilla No. 4 Chacala 63708 as well as the guests who contract its services.

Art. 2

Hotel Las Brisas Chacala is a place for rest and family, for this reason it is forbidden to scandalize, disturb and not respect the rest of the other guests, by ignoring this, the guest renounces their stay contract and may be evicted in the moment.

Art. 3

Any person staying at this establishment is obliged to identify themselves and register in the special books that the establishment or manager of the establishment will carry out for this purpose. When guests are a pre-booked group, your representative will fill out the sign-in sheet or deliver a qualifying guest list in advance.

Art. 4

The time of entry (check-in) is set at 4:00 p.m., and the time of departure (check-out) and evacuation of the room is set at 11:00 a.m. each day. If a guest stays longer, one more day of stay will be charged for sale, with a maximum tolerance of 60 minutes for this purpose. If you wish to change the departure date, we recommend you notify the reception.

Art. 5

The lodging service must be paid in advance when the stay is less than 7 days, so that every guest, upon registering, must cover the total amount of the lodging. If the client does not pay on time or does not follow the cancellation clauses, he loses the right to use the room. The administration will issue an invoice for the services provided and the amount covered by them, when the guest requests it. The hotel does not assume responsibility for contracted external services.

Art. 6

When a guest makes use of the hotel parking, they must place their car in an assigned place, the establishment is not responsible for partial or total damage to the vehicle or objects left inside. Any vehicle that is not registered at the reception will be removed from the parking lot and the space is one car per room.

Art. 7

No user has the right to give accommodation to any person without the prior consent of the management, in any case the corresponding procedures must be carried out for their registration and the payment of the respective accommodation fee.


Art. 8

If a guest becomes ill, the reception of the establishment must call the doctor and he may be treated in his room, if the disease is contagious for reasons not attributable to the establishment, the guest will be transferred on his own to the place that suits him. .

Art. 9

The hotel is not responsible for objects or valuables forgotten or lost in the facilities. Objects or valuables forgotten by a guest in the room will remain in the custody of the hotel administration for a period of 60 days, once this period has concluded and as there is no claim, they will be discarded.

Art. 10

Customers are not allowed to have any type of animals inside the rooms.

Art. 11

The rights of the establishment as well as those of the guests to report to the competent authorities the facts that constitute an illicit or that give rise to responsibility by any of the parties in their persons and property, as long as they occur within the hotel facilities. .

Art. 12

Any complaint, suggestion or congratulation must be noted in suggestions that the hotel administration has available to users at the reception, according to the guidelines set by the Secretary of Tourism.

Art. 13

The use to be made of furniture, clothing and other objects of service, will be rational and moderate, taking proper care of them. Every guest when leaving their room has the obligation to leave the doors, windows, water taps closed, as well as return the keys to their room to the administration.

Art. 14

Safety measures have been taken in the establishment by installing fire extinguishers to be used in an eventual case.

Art. 15

Guests must behave with decency and morality within the establishment, being forbidden to disturb the order, inconvenience or disturb other guests, as well as using the room to perform any act or game prohibited by law. It is strictly forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages into the hotel.

Art. 16

In the provision of services by this hotel there will be no discrimination for reasons of sex, political creed, religion, nationality or social condition. The establishment may deny its services when the guest appears drunk, under the influence of drugs, narcotics or when it is intended to use other than the lodging service.

Art. 17

Smoking is prohibited inside and outside the rooms according to the general health law for tobacco control. By not respecting and smoking inside the rooms, you will have to pay a fine of MX $ 400.00


Art. 18

Failure to comply with these Internal Accommodation Regulations by the guest will be grounds for termination of the accommodation contract, without legal liability for the company.


Admin. Hotel Las Brisas Chacala.